Our experienced ultrasound technologist is available to perform all of your ultrasound examinations in a comfortable and professional environment. Our technologist is highly trained in all aspects of ultrasound imaging in order to provide our patients with quality care. The technologist is also available to answer any of your questions and will be with you during the entire examination.

Our Radiographer

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging modality based on transmitting ultra-high frequency sound waves into the body and then receiving the returning echoes. Because the ultrasound images are captured in real time, they are able to show blood flowing through the vessels.

Ultrasound imaging is an important tool for physicians to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many different medical conditions. It can be used to diagnose diseases and conditions associated with pain, swelling and infection. It is valuable in diagnosing blood clots and narrowing of the arteries. Ultrasound is helpful in guiding needles for cyst aspirations and biopsies of the breast. During the procedure cells are extracted from abnormal or questionable areas, and sent for further testing.



  • You will be positioned on a table in the examination room and the technologist will apply some gel to your skin on the area being examined.
  • The technologist will use a transducer to press against the area and will move it across the area until she can capture the necessary images.
  • You will feel pressure from the transducer and possibly a small degree of discomfort if the technician is examining a particularly tender area but it should not be painful.


  • For your comfort, you may wish to wear a two-piece outfit (like a sweat suit). You may be asked to wear an exam gown during the procedure if the clothing interferes with the exam.
  • You may need to remove any jewelry that is on the area to be examined.
  • Some Ultrasound studies require specific instructions, such as not eating or drinking anything for several hours before an exam. Your doctor will inform you of these preparations. You can also call Jamu Imaging Centre and a technologist will advise you of the proper steps toward a successful exam.